Wyoming Museums You Can’t Miss

Panoramic view of the wildlife display at the Wyoming Game and Fish Office in Lander, Wyoming

Wyoming Museums You Can’t Miss

Lander has fascinating, rich, and diverse history. What better place to get to know your travel destination than at a museum or gallery curated by local experts? In our opinion, some of the best Wyoming museums can be found in Lander.

Fremont County Pioneer Museum

Find a comprehensive overview of the history of Lander, from the days when it was a military fort to the days it was called Apple Valley, to the only time Butch Cassidy was ever arrested. Be sure to spend time in the gallery dedicated to the life of Shoshone Chief Washakie. Check the Pioneer Museum website for presentations, children’s’ programming, and even treks to notable sites with experts during your visit to Lander.

the Fremont County Pioneer Museum, one of the top Wyoming museums in Lander

Museum of the American West

The grounds of the Museum of the American West provide visitors a unique experience of walking through history’s structures in-person. The more than eight acres of land bring a variety of storylines to life: the Eastern Shoshone, Northern Arapaho, pioneers and their descendants, and others who have shaped the history of the Lander Valley. Be sure to catch Native American dance exhibitions here on Wednesday evenings in the summer months.

Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary

There aren’t many wild horse sanctuaries in the country, and this is the only one located on an Indian Reservation. The visitors center is focused on the intersection of Native American culture with the arrival of horses. The sanctuary is situated on a working ranch on the Wind River Indian Reservation, owned and operated by a local Native American family. After checking out the visitors center, take a tour to visit the horses in the pasture. Book a tour and learn more on the Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary website.

The Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary is a unique Wyoming museum. Interpretive displays shown here.

Lander Art Center

The Lander Art Center is both a gallery of local artists’ talents and a space to learn varied art techniques. The gallery is an inviting space to get to know Lander, its artists, and their local inspiration. You’ll not only learn, you’ll also connect with Lander in a beautiful way. Check the Lander Art Center website for information about exhibitions during your stay.

Front of Lander Art Center building in Lander, Wyoming

Lander Children’s Museum

Designed for children, the Lander Children’s Museum has five primary areas for learning: S.T.E.M., discovery play, nature, art and drama, and the toddler room. This is a great space for children to learn about the natural world around Lander during a visit to town.

Lander Children's Museum outdoor activities

Wyoming Game and Fish Wildlife Exhibit

The Lander Office of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has an impressive display of wildlife accompanied by detailed displays about the local flora and fauna. You can even ask a local biologist on staff questions about the exhibit or the wildlife of Lander.

Panoramic view of the wildlife display at the Wyoming Game and Fish Office in Lander, Wyoming

Evans/Dahl Memorial Museum

Lander is home to the annual One Shot Antelope Hunt, a unique and exclusive event that benefits the Water for Wildlife Foundation. The Evans/Dahl Memorial Museum has exhibits about the Foundation’s work to provide water to wildlife across the country and the history of the One Shot Antelope Hunt.

Go beyond these great Wyoming museums and discover more about the history of Lander here.

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