Where To Find Wyoming Dirt Bike Trails and ATV Routes

By Izabela Zagorski

Where are the best places to ride dirt bike trails and find adrenaline-inducing, off-road fun? We have compiled a list of the best ATV trails and off-road motorcycle tracks near Lander. There are so many places just waiting to be discovered and explored. Once you pick your track, head over to Wyoming State Trails Department to grab a map of open trails.

Where to stay:

There are endless possibilities. Whether you are looking for some free camping or a lodge up in the mountains, Lander has you covered. In terms of the camping, there are several options. Head out to Sinks Canyon to grab a beautiful camping site right next to the Popo Agie River or follow the road up through Sinks Canyon a little further to find a spot on The Loop Road, a “70 mile scenic drive that starts and ends in Lander.” Although a bit more of a drive, the Loop Road rewards visitors with stunning views of mountain lakes, and these camping spots are situated just a little further from civilization. 

On the other hand, if you want a cabin to stay in, then Louis Lake Lodge comes highly recommended. An hour from Lander, the rustic lodge offers a quiet place to recharge and acts as a great base camp for all your motorized vehicle adventures. Access to trails is right out your front door. Spend the day exploring the surrounding area, gravel roads, and beautiful lake scenery.

Finally, you can always stay in town! There are a variety of options, ranging from cute Bed and Breakfasts to Western-themed hotels, all within walking distance from local attractions.

Lander, Wyoming dirt bike trails:

1. The Loop Road

From Lander all the way Worthen Meadows the road is paved, but then it turns into a 19-mile gravel road with lots of turnouts and places to explore. Be prepared for some rough road and bird’s eye views because in some places you will be motoring along at 9,500 feet!

2. South Pass

Situated on the Oregon Trail, South Pass City is a ghost town that was abandoned after the gold mines closed. While you will not be able to ride around in the town itself, the area around the city has plenty of places to ride dirt bikes and explore trails.

3. Red Desert

Open to the public, this high desert is marked by sandstone towers and wagon ruts left by the pioneers. Mostly BLM land, feel free to camp and dirt bike to your heart’s content. While you are there, be sure to keep an eye out for the world’s largest herd of desert elk and prehistoric rock art.

4. Louis Lake

If you are looking for a dirt bike playground, be sure to visit Louis Lake. Many lakes have restrictions on motorized vehicles, so take this as a rare opportunity to explore all the trails surrounding the lake. Only an hour from Lander, you will have plenty of time to play, and then you can head back into town to grab a bite to eat. Of course, you can always stay at the lodge or its rustic cabins, too.

5.Shoshone Trail

Just southwest of Lander, in the Shoshone National Forest, is the Shoshone Lake Trail. Referred to by as the “7th most popular” dirt bike trail in Wyoming, this track is a surefire place to spend an enjoyable afternoon. This trail is rated as a double-black diamond so be ready for everything from cruising to maneuvering around and over some gnarly obstacles. And, if you get the chance, bring along your fishing rod…there is some amazing fly fishing when you reach Shoshone Lake.

Where to eat:

When you are finished playing on some of the best Wyoming dirt bike trails for the day, be sure head back into town to experience the culinary side of town. There are so many delicious options and many dishes support local farmers and stores. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Gannett Grill: if you are looking for a cold beer and large burger, this is the place to go.

Thai Chef: noted for its authentic Thai food and friendly staff, it is a regular choice for many locals. 

Mulino: a newly opened Italian bistro that offers gourmet dishes and delicious wines