A Trail for Every Rider

4 Horseback Trail Riding Spots in Wyoming

Whether you are a seasoned rider or someone looking to try horseback trail riding in Wyoming, there is something here for everyone. Maybe you have never ridden before, but have always been captivated by the idea of riding a horse. Or maybe you have been riding all your life, but you want to seek out new trails. Whichever camp you fall into, and anywhere in between, here are four horseback trail riding spots in Wyoming that are perfect for your next horse-related adventure. Time to saddle up!

View from horseback trail riding in Lander of the Wind River Mountains

Ride with a Guide

Diamond 4 Ranch

Jessie Allen, ranch manager of the Diamond 4 Ranch, with her horse

This is not just a dude ranch! If you’re looking for a guided hunting trip, a wilderness pack trip, or a mountain ranch vacation, this beautiful ranch is for you. Tucked away in the heart of the Wind River Mountain Range, this family owned and operated ranch offers rustic log cabins, western hospitality, and an unplugged experience. Diamond 4 offers a rare experience and the perfect place to go horseback trail riding.

Start at Bruce’s Bridge Pullout

Ride Sinks Canyon

To reach Bruce’s Bridge, you first get to drive through the beautiful Sinks Canyon, before you reach Shoshone National Forest land. As you reach the end of the canyon, right before the picnic area or the Bruce’s Bridge pullout on the right, you will see a marked stock trail. Seemingly inconspicuous, this trail leads you up some switchbacks and then connects to the Middle Fork trail above the renowned Middle Fork falls and swimming hole. Park at Bruce’s Bridge Parking lot, where there are corrals, then take this trail, which parallels, but isn’t shared with hikers or bikers. Take advantage of the places to stop, tie up, and enjoy the riverside views. If you decide you want to go further, you can continue riding deeper into the Wind River Mountains up to the Popo Agie Wilderness boundary.

Worthen Meadows Reservoir

Beyond Bruce’s Bridge parking lot, the paved road continues up a number of switchbacks. Take this road and watch for Worthen Meadows signs, you’ll come out on top of the world at Worthen Meadows Reservoir. You can trailer up to Worthen and stay overnight, if you would like! There are have safe, metal horse corals and clean campsites right next to the lake. In the morning, ride down trail to the Middle Fork River or all the way down to Bruce’s Bridge. If you’re just exploring down to the river, then it will probably only take a couple hours. But, if you plan on ending at the bridge, count on an all-day trip. Park a trailer at the bridge, so that you can head right back up to your campsite for a well-earned dinner—and maybe a dip in the reservoir if it’s warm enough.

horseback trail riding view from above Sinks Canyon


Johnny Behind the Rocks

Johnny Behind the Rocks is a shared biking and horseback riding trail. There is plenty of room for you to park, turn, and load your horse trailer. Before JBR was a popular biking and riding trail network, it was a stock trail! One of the most popular trails is the one leading to the waterfalls. Be sure to check out the trail map, because there are many options to pick from to build as long or short of a trail ride as you want. Be sure to keep an eye out for bikers, but it’s still pretty peaceful. If you choose a time that is less popular with the bikers, and you might just have the trails all to yourself. Be ready for the gorgeous views and open Wyoming skies.


Now that you have fresh trail ideas, it’s time to load up the trailer and start exploring! Do you have any favorite horseback trail riding spots in Wyoming? We’d love to add to our list of recommendations.