By Lure or Fly

A Fishing Life

What can you say about a town where a river runs through it? To start, you can say the fishing is good and really close. Whether you’re after rainbow, brown, or brook trout, the Lander area also offers several species new to the area such as the fun to catch tiger trout and kokanee salmon.


In Sinks Canyon just a few miles out of town, rainbow and brown trout in the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River are the attraction. In Sinks Canyon State Park, you can’t fish for them, but the pools at the Rise of the Sinks contains many lunkers that visitors can feed from the observation deck with trout chow. The Baldwin and Squaw creeks, which meet up with the Popo Agie in Lander, are good waters for brook trout. The North Fork of the Popo Agie is a good trout fishery as well, especially for the fly fisherman.


The Loop Road, Forest Highway 400 in the Shoshone National Forest, runs from Bruce’s Bridge in Sinks Canyon to the top of South Pass along Highway 28. Along the Loop Road anglers can fish Louis (pronounced Louie), Fiddlers, Worthen Meadows and Frye lakes, stocked annually with catchable trout, splake and grayling. Louis Lake also contains trophy-size Lake Trout, but you’ll need a boat as this species prefers deeper water.


Just on the west side of South Pass, and southeast Fremont County, the Sweetwater River is well known for its great fish production of cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout.

A Land of


Within a short distance from Lander is the Big and Little Wind Rivers that flow down the Wind River Valley. Fishing is good and year around.


Ocean Lake features a good population of walleye, yellow perch and crappie. At Boysen Reservoir State Park, over 12 different game fish can be caught, including native species sauger, ling, channel catfish and stone catfish. Non-native fish in the reservoir include Walleye, yellow perch, black crappie and rainbow trout.


Luckey Pond, a five acre body of water within walking distance of downtown, was built in 2002. It was originally stocked with rainbow trout and Bear River cutthroat trout and now also contains grayling. The pond features a handicapped fishing pier and lots of shoreline and is quite popular with children and children at heart.


To learn about fishing in the Lander area, visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Lander Region headquarters on Buena Vista Drive. The visitors center there contains a wildlife exhibit and all the information you’ll need to plan a good fishing outing.


Lander’s sporting good stores sell fishing licenses and all the tackle one would need. Check with the Lander Chamber’s new visitors center for a complete list of local fishing guides and fishing gear outlets.


In and around Lander are 626 pristine lakes and reservoirs in the Wind River Range and in the valley below. There is over two-thousand miles of glacial-fed rivers and streams, so there is no shortage of good fishing opportunities, including the world famous golden trout in the higher mountain lakes.


Whether your favorite is live bait, flies or lures, stream fishing, bank fishing or fishing from a boat, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in and around Lander.